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Black Point Fissures, Mono Lake

The Black Point Fissures area is rarely visited as there is no actual trail to the top of Black Point. The views of the lake are amazing, along with the interesting, yet small, slot canyons. Cited from America Southwest: Besides the fissures, the top of Black Point is also worth visiting for the grand views of Mono Lake, Mono Valley and the Sierra Nevada to the west, and the trailhead makes a good, if lonely, place for primitive camping (free of charge). Mono Lake is a quarter of a mile away and there are a few small tufa formations near the water's edge, though they are not so large and intricate as the more well known deposits along the west and south shoreline. Black Point was formed by an underwater eruption, in times when Mono Lake covered a much greater area than now, and the fissures were created by the consequent rapid cooling of the ejected material.

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